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Geneva, Schweiz



The Funky BBQ food truck is the adventure of two American foodie friends who wanted to bring a true taste of home to Geneva. So that’s exactly what we did. Since 2014, Funky BBQ is proud to serve mouth-watering, slow-smoked, American-style barbecued meats, authentic sides, and traditional sauces. Everything is homemade according to our family recipes, using carefully selected Swiss meats, and our own funky twist!

For us, real barbecue means no hamburgers, and no fries. Slow-smoked barbecue is the process of cooking meats over indirect heat at low temperatures (90 to 110°C) for a long period of time (4 to 12 hours) while exposed to a high amount of wood smoke. This process slowly breaks down the meat to make it extra juicy and tender while adding a delicious smokey touch.

Historically, barbecue in the United States was done as a way of making the « cheap » cuts of meat that were too tough to be edible. The slow-smoking breaks down the connective tissue in the meat, and unlocks it’s incredible flavor.

In the United States, every region of the country has its own unique spin on what barbecue sauce should be. For example in Kansas they like a sweet, sticky sauce, in South Carolina a thick mustard-based sauce, while in Tennessee they prefer a more runny, spicy sauce. And they are many, many other styles to discover in other parts of the US!

We have selected our favorite barbecue styles for the Funky BBQ food truck, and constantly are playing around with new recipes that we offer on a seasonal or limited edition basis – so there’s always something new for you to taste.